Amber Cather Photography | Elizabeth and Charles ~ A Wildfire Wedding

Elizabeth and Charles ~ A Wildfire Wedding

March 07, 2017  •  5 Comments

Elizabeth and Charles ~ A Wildfire Wedding


When I found out that Elizabeth and Charles were having their wedding at Shiloh Stables in North Carolina, I was so excited.  Elizabeth has been riding horses and barrel racing for years, so I couldn't wait to incorporate some photos of them with her horse at the stables.

The day of their wedding, there were several wildfires that had broken out in the surrounding forests.  I was so surprised as I drove up and saw that one of the fires was literally right next to their venue.  It was hauntingly beautiful.  The decor was a mix of rustic elements and vintage stable equipment, furs and pelts, metals and burlap and everything cool you'd expect to see in a classic western film.  All of that was paired beautifully with lace and pumpkins and brightly colored flowers. 

The ceremony site was by the pond and had a gorgeous old wooden cross draped with lace at the front of the aisle.  The autumn foliage behind the cross made for a perfect place to exchange vows.

The reception was intimate and fun.  The food was catered by Doyle's and absolutely delicious!  Their cake topper was pretty much the cutest and most personalized one I'd ever seen.  I loved their individual pies with H's and hearts on top.

I took Elizabeth and Charles out to take some photos with her horse around sunset.  The wildfire in the background was so incredibly unique and really made for some amazing photos.  The last picture I took was after it was completely dark.  The fire is ablaze behind Elizabeth and just breathtaking.

I'm sure you're going to enjoy this western themed wedding.


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Venue:  Shiloh Stables

Photography:  Amber Cather Photography


What a beautiful wedding! Great job Amber!
Holly Nelson(non-registered)
As always.....absolutely incredible work. And the bride picture with the wildfire is simply stunning!!!
Love this wedding. Amazing photos as always!
Elizabeth Hartness(non-registered)
Amber!! This is incredible! Thank you so much for all your hard work, beautiful pictures, and featuring our special day in your blog!! :-)
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