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Ok, so maybe it's impossible to have a stress free wedding, but you can certainly do things to make sure stress is kept at a minimum!  Here are a few tips and tricks to help you have a relaxing and enjoyable wedding day!


1.  Pick the right Venue and Vendors

MG8A4820MG8A4820 Everyone wants a gorgeous venue that has an amazing backdrop for your most amazing day, right?  But before you confirm that venue, make sure you ask around about how well organized and friendly that venue is!  The owners of venues can really put a damper on your day if they are rude or unorganized or have a bad attitude.  The same goes for your vendors!
The last thing you need on your special day is to have someone moping around and snapping at you and your guests.  Hire professionals and read reviews and ask your other vendors about their reputations.  Having qualified people with good attitudes and sunny dispositions can make a world of difference in having a great experience or a miserable one!  The above photo is at Southern Tree Plantation in Blairsville and I can tell you that not only is the venue absolutely gorgeous, but the owners are total angels.  They go above and beyond and always have a smile on their faces.  That's what you want!


2.  Surround yourself with Helpful people


Being a bridesmaid or a groomsman is more of a responsibility than some people think.  When choosing who is going to be standing next to you on one of the biggest days of your life, make sure they are going to be helpful to you!  There is no reason for the bride or the groom to be worrying or fretting about anything on their wedding day.  Assign tasks to not only your bridal party but other friends and family so that you can relax and know that everything is going to be taken care of.  Even simple things like having a designated dress carrier and positioner for when you are taking photos will give you peace of mind and a helping hand during every aspect of the day!  Allow help also!  I know some people (myself included) like being in charge of all the things but weddings are a huge undertaking with more moving parts than you can imagine, so allow yourself to be helped. 




Going back to the whole having happy people around you, FEED YOUR VENDORS.  We are there for 8-10 hours and we get hungry.  I'm not talking about throwing them a sack lunch either, set aside in the budget enough money to have a plate for every vendor and their assistants.  Hungry people are not happy people and unhappy people do not do their best work.  So if you want to get the best out of everyone and have everyone be in high spirits, give them food!  They will be very grateful.


4.  Do a First Look


Ok, so I know some people are very traditional and they don't want to do a first look and that is completely fine.  But I'm giving advice on how to make your day as stress free as possible and a First Look definitely helps with that!  Let's even talk about that tradition for a minute.  The tradition of not seeing the bride until the altar goes back to the days of arranged marriages.  The fathers of the bride were worried that the groom wouldn't find the bride attractive and that the groom would flee if he saw her before the altar.  So they made it a tradition to not see each other until then.  They even went so far as to put a veil over the bride's face so that he couldn't see her until the very last second!  Some confidence, dad!  In this day and age, I'm fairly certain all of my couples have seen each other and are in fact attracted to one another so that tradition is kind of a non issue now.  Again, if you want to wait to see each other, by all means!  It's YOUR day, you do what YOU want, but having a First Look has a lot of benefits.  First, it ensures plenty of time for photos with your spouse.  Not only that but it usually helps ease those pre wedding nerves.  I can't tell you how much both the bride and groom relax after seeing one another.  It's also a more intimate moment to have caught on film.  It's up close and personal and you aren't sharing your reaction in front of all your family and guests.  It is usually more heartfelt and I can promise you, ladies...if your man is going to cry when you walk down the aisle, he is going to do it with or without a first look.  They usually just cry at both so you get two moments to capture of the waterworks instead of just one!  LOL.  But seriously, the biggest bonus is not having to worry about whether people are having a good time during the cocktail hour while you are taking photos or if the wedding runs long and you have not done a first look, worrying about how much sunlight you have to get all the photos in.  It's just one thing you can get done before the ceremony so that the rest of the evening is relaxing and fun.


5.  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes


I'm sure not all wedding dresses are the most comfortable attire in the world, but make sure it fits and fits well!  You don't want to have to worry if your boob is going to pop out or if your stomach looks tucked in or any of those crazy things we get in our heads!  You want your gown to be fitted properly and comfortably and to have soft material.  I've seen several wedding dresses with pockets also and to me, that's one of the greatest things I've seen in my whole life!  So get a comfy, well fitted dress with pockets!  And if you're dying to have stilettos at your wedding, that's fine!  But maybe pack a pair of tennis shoes or flats that you can slip on for the reception so that dancing is fun and not painful!


6.  Make a list of family photos

MG8A9615MG8A9615 There are always a lot of family and friends at your wedding and while you are taking photos, it gets hectic and hard to remember who you have included and who you haven't.  I always send my couples a questionnaire beforehand to fill out that includes a place for them to write out exactly who they want in their family portraits.  It makes the family photo portion of the day go by quickly and efficiently and it ensures that you haven't forgotten anyone special that you would like to get a picture with!  So before your wedding, sit down and write a list of exactly who you want in your family photos.


7.  Remember that this is YOUR day!

MG8A0949MG8A0949 As much as I have said to delegate tasks and ask for help and listen to advice from professionals and your friends and family, remember that this is YOUR day.  Don't let anyone try to take over and make decisions that should be yours to make.  If your heart has been set on getting a pizza bar for the food and someone is telling you no, you get that pizza bar!  If you don't want any kids in the wedding and you have family members making you feel bad, you tell them that you don't want any kids there.  You will be happier and more at ease with decisions that were important to you if you stick to your guns and do it your way!


8.  Hire a Wedding Planner

MG8A6547MG8A6547 DIY is great and all, but weddings are a HUGE undertaking and not something you do on a regular basis.  Planners know weddings.  They know all the little things that you may not think about and they know how to help coordinate your day.  Let them take care of all the details for you.  I promise that the extra money you spend to get a good planner will save you BIG on headaches and worries later on. 

The above photo shows one of my couples with Marmaros Productions.  They are professional and kind and do a great job!


9.  Relax and have FUN!

MG8A9856MG8A9856 This is one of the best days of your life!  Remember to enjoy it and take it all in!  Take time to dance with your spouse and eat your food and laugh with your friends.  It goes by in a blink and you'll wish you had stopped worrying about the little things and embraced the day as a whole.  Everyone's wedding day has mishaps but it makes them unique and it doesn't ruin the outcome.  So relax and have fun and don't sweat the small stuff!



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Lydia & Josh's Romantic Country Wedding Lydia & Josh are the most adorable couple!  They had a sweet, country wedding at their church in Blairsville, GA.

It was a joyous feeling of celebration as everyone got ready for the day.  During preparations, Lydia & Josh exchanged gifts and a letter.  It was so romantic & you could just feel how excited they were to get married.

Lydia was simply radiant in her dress.  It was so fun to watch her bridesmaids' excitement when they saw her.  

She did a first look with her Dad.  You could see how overwhelmed with love he was for his beautiful daughter.

It was definitely a perfect summer day for an outdoor wedding.  The sun was shining bright and the sky was a deep blue.  

I loved the shabby chic feel of the wedding décor.  With earth tone colors it had a very romantic country feel.  All of their friends and family did the decorations and decor.  They did a phenomenal job!  The ceremony was outside with wooden benches & some were draped with quilts.  I LOVED the ceremony site.  They had old windows hanging from a wooden cross.  It was gorgeous.  Lydia arrived to the ceremony in a cool classic Ford truck.  

The ceremony was so sweet.  Lydia was proceeded by the sweetest little flower girls and a very handsome little ring bearer. Josh kept his eyes on his bride and his expression was that of the luckiest man in the world!

After the ceremony, these two were all smiles and consumed with love for each other.  It created some very romantic shots!

In lieu of a traditional cocktail hour, this fun little couple had lawn games for the guests.  It was the most fun idea!  They included Cornhole, Giant Jenga, and lots of fun, like bubbles, for the littles.

The outdoor reception was such a fun celebration with country food and a lot of dancing. All of their family members made us feel like we were part of their family.  They were so nice and welcoming.  During the father/daughter dance, Lydia and her father included her other sisters as well.  How sweet is that??!!

This sweet couple ended their day with a beautiful sparkler exit.

Congratulations Lydia & Josh!

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Amanda & John - Wedding In The Rockies There were so many special things about this wedding. 

The most special thing is that Amanda is one of my best friends and it was such an honor to be a part of her day!

Amanda & John wed at Chief Hosa Lodge in Denver, CO.

The venue was gorgeous & rustic.  I loved the rock walls inside.  It made it very romantic and fairytale-ish.  The view was incredible!!  I'm used to our north GA mountains, which are beautiful on their own, but they are a subtle beauty compared to the Rockies for sure!

Amanda was simply exquisite in her dress.  The wedding color was a beautiful deep blue and she and all the wedding party wore adorable sporting matching blue Converse shoes.  

She did a first look with John & he was all smiles when he saw his beautiful bride.  When you watch them embrace you can just feel the love between them and seeing my best friend have that on her wedding day was priceless.  

The ceremony was outdoors set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.  

It was very moving.  I didn't expect any of us to cry but Amanda and I both did, and so did our other besties, Laura and Christy!  Surrounded by their children & loved ones, Amanda & John committed their lives to each other.  They included a foot washing and completed a family tree with their children.  It was emotional and so full of love.

The reception was such a great party!  The toasts were so meaningful & heartfelt.  Everybody cut a rug and quite a few even did keg stands...including the bride and groom!  How fun is that?  LOL.  It was a true celebration! 

Here's to many years of love & happiness for Amanda & John! MG8A7915MG8A7915


  MG8A7936MG8A7936 MG8A7938-2MG8A7938-2 MG8A7986MG8A7986







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Destiny & Matt - Love In Chattanooga Everything about Destiny & Matt's wedding was magical!

They married at The Church on Main in Chattanooga, TN.

Destiny's dress looked like it was made just for her.  She looked simply breathtaking!

Her bridesmaids were all sparkles in the beautiful champagne rose color she chose for them.

Matt & his groomsmen complimented them perfectly in their navy blue suits.

The first look really captured how in love this couple is.  They were full of love & kisses!

The church décor was like a fairytale!

The ceremony was done amongst beautiful flowers covering the ceiling above.  Proceeding Destiny down the aisle was their beautiful little flower girl princess in her amazing gown.  Destiny was all smiles as she met her groom.  The ceremony was just lovely.

The reception hall was perfectly matched to their colors.  The décor was romantic and elegant.  The food was so fun & included cupcakes, donuts, and a pizza bar!

I really enjoyed photographing this sweet couple. Congratulations! 


MG8A6441MG8A6441   MG8A6535MG8A6535      MG8A6623MG8A6623     MG8A6643MG8A6643         MG8A6689MG8A6689          MG8A6749MG8A6749    MG8A6759MG8A6759    MG8A6775MG8A6775   MG8A6788MG8A6788         MG8A6801-2MG8A6801-2       MG8A6807MG8A6807      MG8A6823MG8A6823                  MG8A6887MG8A6887              MG8A6913-2MG8A6913-2 MG8A7083MG8A7083 MG8A7086MG8A7086 MG8A7089MG8A7089 MG8A7095-2MG8A7095-2 MG8A7119MG8A7119 MG8A7123MG8A7123 MG8A7135MG8A7135 MG8A7142MG8A7142 MG8A7154-2MG8A7154-2   MG8A7163MG8A7163 MG8A7183MG8A7183 MG8A7185-2MG8A7185-2 MG8A7197MG8A7197   MG8A7215-2MG8A7215-2 MG8A7220MG8A7220 MG8A7231-2MG8A7231-2 MG8A7263MG8A7263   MG8A7281MG8A7281 MG8A7290MG8A7290   MG8A7309MG8A7309 MG8A7319-2MG8A7319-2 MG8A7341MG8A7341   MG8A7367MG8A7367 MG8A7376MG8A7376 MG8A7383-2MG8A7383-2   MG8A7392-2MG8A7392-2 MG8A7400MG8A7400   MG8A7417-2MG8A7417-2 MG8A7433MG8A7433 MG8A7436MG8A7436 MG8A7442-2MG8A7442-2 MG8A7448MG8A7448 MG8A7458MG8A7458   MG8A7682-2MG8A7682-2   MG8A6946MG8A6946 MG8A6948MG8A6948   MG8A6980MG8A6980 MG8A7001MG8A7001 MG8A7765MG8A7765 MG8A7783MG8A7783 MG8A7802MG8A7802 MG8A7804MG8A7804 MG8A7806MG8A7806 MG8A7808MG8A7808 MG8A7815MG8A7815 MG8A7821MG8A7821 MG8A7826MG8A7826   MG8A7837MG8A7837 MG8A7860MG8A7860   MG8A7876-2MG8A7876-2 MG8A7885MG8A7885 MG8A8025MG8A8025 MG8A8040MG8A8040 MG8A8067MG8A8067 MG8A8076MG8A8076 MG8A8083MG8A8083 MG8A8087MG8A8087 MG8A8110-2MG8A8110-2   MG8A8130MG8A8130 MG8A8136MG8A8136 MG8A8140MG8A8140   MG8A8147MG8A8147 MG8A8202-2MG8A8202-2 MG8A8205MG8A8205 MG8A8213MG8A8213 MG8A8219MG8A8219 MG8A8226MG8A8226 MG8A8231-2MG8A8231-2 MG8A8253MG8A8253   MG8A8267-2MG8A8267-2 MG8A8272MG8A8272 MG8A8276MG8A8276 MG8A8289MG8A8289 MG8A8296-2MG8A8296-2   MG8A8319MG8A8319 MG8A8328-2MG8A8328-2 MG8A8353MG8A8353 MG8A8364MG8A8364   MG8A8384MG8A8384 MG8A8425MG8A8425 MG8A6921MG8A6921 MG8A6929MG8A6929 MG8A6931MG8A6931 MG8A6933MG8A6933 MG8A6939MG8A6939 MG8A7045MG8A7045 MG8A7481MG8A7481 MG8A7543MG8A7543 MG8A7572MG8A7572 MG8A7581MG8A7581 MG8A7588MG8A7588 MG8A7601MG8A7601 MG8A7624MG8A7624 MG8A7632MG8A7632 MG8A7644MG8A7644 MG8A7654MG8A7654 MG8A7660MG8A7660 MG8A8446MG8A8446 MG8A8456MG8A8456 MG8A8485MG8A8485 MG8A8512-2MG8A8512-2 MG8A8572-2MG8A8572-2 MG8A8584MG8A8584 MG8A8605MG8A8605 MG8A8619MG8A8619 MG8A8640MG8A8640 MG8A8647MG8A8647 MG8A8658MG8A8658 MG8A8664MG8A8664 MG8A8681-2MG8A8681-2 MG8A8700MG8A8700 MG8A8720MG8A8720 MG8A8736-2MG8A8736-2 MG8A8753MG8A8753 MG8A8782-3MG8A8782-3 MG8A8782MG8A8782 MG8A8787MG8A8787 MG8A8794MG8A8794 MG8A8810MG8A8810 MG8A8827MG8A8827 MG8A8834-2MG8A8834-2

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Samantha & Ryan - The Trolley Barn Wedding Samantha & Ryan married at The Trolley Barn in Atlanta, Ga.

As soon as I met the bridal party, I knew this was going to be a fun wedding.  They were all laughs & celebration and totally fit this fun loving couple.

Samantha looked like an actual princess in her dress.  She was breathtaking! 

I was absolutely in love with her bouquet.  

Their color was a deep red burgundy that paired perfectly with the deep lush greenery that covered the venue.  

The ceremony was outside in a little outdoor sanctuary. It was just a little magical!

Ryan looked so excited to see his bride and when he did he was moved to tears.  

As they stood together exchanging vows we were all just consumed with how in love they are.

The reception was a formal sit down dinner with amazing food!  There were toasts & drinks & dancing.  It was such a good time!

I have no doubt Samantha & Ryan will have many years of good times! 


MG8A4334MG8A4334 MG8A4353MG8A4353 MG8A4366MG8A4366 MG8A3952MG8A3952

MG8A3928MG8A3928 MG8A4229MG8A4229 MG8A4439MG8A4439 MG8A3992MG8A3992 MG8A4089MG8A4089 MG8A4037-2MG8A4037-2   MG8A4173MG8A4173 MG8A4240MG8A4240 MG8A4253MG8A4253 MG8A4256MG8A4256 MG8A4266MG8A4266 MG8A4286MG8A4286   MG8A4292MG8A4292 MG8A4297MG8A4297    MG8A4308MG8A4308     MG8A4323MG8A4323 MG8A4337MG8A4337 MG8A4381MG8A4381 MG8A4392MG8A4392 MG8A4530MG8A4530   MG8A4588-2MG8A4588-2 MG8A4589MG8A4589 MG8A4619MG8A4619 MG8A4624MG8A4624 MG8A4637MG8A4637 MG8A4639MG8A4639 MG8A4648MG8A4648 MG8A4656MG8A4656 MG8A4659MG8A4659 MG8A4661MG8A4661 MG8A4669MG8A4669 MG8A4708-2MG8A4708-2 MG8A4741MG8A4741 MG8A4798MG8A4798 MG8A4800MG8A4800 MG8A4806MG8A4806 MG8A4812-2MG8A4812-2 MG8A4821MG8A4821 MG8A4841MG8A4841 MG8A4842MG8A4842 MG8A4853-2MG8A4853-2 MG8A4859MG8A4859 MG8A4869MG8A4869 MG8A4884-2MG8A4884-2 MG8A4905MG8A4905 MG8A4912MG8A4912 MG8A4923MG8A4923 MG8A4929MG8A4929 MG8A5096-2MG8A5096-2 MG8A5100MG8A5100 MG8A5109MG8A5109 MG8A5123MG8A5123 MG8A5136MG8A5136 MG8A5153MG8A5153 MG8A5155MG8A5155 MG8A5181MG8A5181   MG8A5336MG8A5336 MG8A5345MG8A5345    MG8A5397-2MG8A5397-2 MG8A5403MG8A5403 MG8A5406MG8A5406 MG8A5429-2MG8A5429-2 MG8A5432MG8A5432 MG8A5439-2MG8A5439-2 MG8A5442MG8A5442 MG8A5451MG8A5451 MG8A5458MG8A5458 MG8A5459MG8A5459 MG8A5463MG8A5463     MG8A5483MG8A5483 MG8A5490MG8A5490    MG8A5510MG8A5510    MG8A5520MG8A5520 MG8A5524MG8A5524   MG8A5544-EditMG8A5544-Edit    MG8A5582-2MG8A5582-2    MG8A5593MG8A5593 MG8A5602-2MG8A5602-2 MG8A5604MG8A5604 MG8A5616MG8A5616   MG8A5655MG8A5655 MG8A5657MG8A5657   

MG8A5679MG8A5679 MG8A5697MG8A5697 MG8A5726MG8A5726 MG8A5741MG8A5741 MG8A5742MG8A5742 MG8A5749MG8A5749 MG8A5756MG8A5756 MG8A5759MG8A5759 MG8A5762MG8A5762 MG8A5744MG8A5744 MG8A5773MG8A5773 MG8A5792MG8A5792 MG8A5783MG8A5783 MG8A5789MG8A5789 MG8A5808MG8A5808 MG8A5815MG8A5815 MG8A5831MG8A5831 MG8A5816MG8A5816 MG8A5912MG8A5912 MG8A5919MG8A5919

MG8A5958MG8A5958 MG8A6037MG8A6037 MG8A6061MG8A6061 MG8A6062MG8A6062 MG8A6146MG8A6146 MG8A6140MG8A6140 MG8A6156MG8A6156 MG8A6164MG8A6164 MG8A6169MG8A6169 MG8A6176MG8A6176 MG8A6190MG8A6190 MG8A6252MG8A6252 MG8A6214MG8A6214 MG8A6223MG8A6223 MG8A6274MG8A6274 MG8A6325MG8A6325

MG8A6332MG8A6332 MG8A6335MG8A6335

MG8A6379MG8A6379 MG8A6288-EditMG8A6288-Edit

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Cassidy & Wade's Beautiful Fall Mountain Wedding Cassidy & Wade are just meant to be.  The way they look at each other is relationship goals.

They wed on an October day at Mt Liberty Baptist Church in Blue Ridge, GA.

It was a beautiful fall mountain wedding.

Cassidy was a gorgeous bride and one of the sweetest ever, too.  

They exchanged vows in the pretty little sanctuary of the church and it was full of love & tears of joy.  It was such a sweet and sincere ceremony.

It was followed by a pretty outdoor reception with dancing, bubbles, and an incredible cake.

I wish you a lifetime as full of love as your beautiful wedding was!

MG8A9892MG8A9892 MG8A9955MG8A9955 MG8A0028MG8A0028 MG8A0045-2MG8A0045-2 MG8A0060-EditMG8A0060-Edit MG8A0074MG8A0074 MG8A0105MG8A0105 MG8A0129MG8A0129 MG8A0136MG8A0136 MG8A0140MG8A0140 MG8A0146MG8A0146 MG8A0157MG8A0157 MG8A0159-2MG8A0159-2 MG8A0172MG8A0172 MG8A0196MG8A0196 MG8A0212-2MG8A0212-2 MG8A0262MG8A0262 MG8A0282MG8A0282 MG8A0302MG8A0302 MG8A0310MG8A0310 MG8A0320MG8A0320 MG8A0325MG8A0325 MG8A0341MG8A0341 MG8A0366MG8A0366 MG8A0373MG8A0373 MG8A0394MG8A0394 MG8A0401MG8A0401 MG8A0414MG8A0414 MG8A0415-EditMG8A0415-Edit MG8A0452MG8A0452 MG8A0458MG8A0458 MG8A0461MG8A0461 MG8A0481MG8A0481 MG8A0492-2MG8A0492-2 MG8A0499MG8A0499 MG8A0513MG8A0513 MG8A0521MG8A0521 MG8A0528MG8A0528 MG8A0570MG8A0570 MG8A0583MG8A0583 MG8A0589MG8A0589 MG8A0593MG8A0593 MG8A0591MG8A0591 MG8A0607MG8A0607 MG8A0605MG8A0605 MG8A0616MG8A0616 MG8A0700MG8A0700 MG8A0735MG8A0735 MG8A0722MG8A0722

MG8A0738MG8A0738 MG8A0744MG8A0744 MG8A0759MG8A0759 MG8A0762MG8A0762 MG8A0787MG8A0787 MG8A0788MG8A0788

MG8A0945MG8A0945 MG8A0948MG8A0948 MG8A0952MG8A0952 MG8A0955MG8A0955 MG8A0963MG8A0963 MG8A0965MG8A0965 MG8A0972MG8A0972 MG8A0977MG8A0977 MG8A0992MG8A0992 MG8A0994MG8A0994 MG8A1001MG8A1001 MG8A1005MG8A1005 MG8A1010MG8A1010 MG8A1015MG8A1015 MG8A1016-2MG8A1016-2 MG8A1024MG8A1024 MG8A1047MG8A1047

MG8A1221MG8A1221 MG8A1270MG8A1270 MG8A1274MG8A1274 MG8A1279MG8A1279 MG8A1288-Edit-2MG8A1288-Edit-2 MG8A1301MG8A1301 MG8A1314MG8A1314    MG8A1325MG8A1325    MG8A1332MG8A1332 MG8A1338-2MG8A1338-2 MG8A1343-EditMG8A1343-Edit   MG8A1350-EditMG8A1350-Edit MG8A1356MG8A1356 MG8A1359MG8A1359   MG8A1365-2MG8A1365-2   MG8A1373MG8A1373 MG8A1381MG8A1381    MG8A1387MG8A1387 MG8A1394MG8A1394 MG8A1397MG8A1397 MG8A1406MG8A1406 MG8A1408MG8A1408 MG8A1409MG8A1409 MG8A1412MG8A1412   MG8A1421MG8A1421     MG8A1436-2MG8A1436-2     MG8A1510MG8A1510 MG8A1522MG8A1522 MG8A1523MG8A1523 MG8A1534MG8A1534 MG8A1552MG8A1552 MG8A1596MG8A1596 MG8A1599MG8A1599 MG8A1604MG8A1604 MG8A1605MG8A1605 MG8A1607MG8A1607 MG8A1666MG8A1666 MG8A1722MG8A1722 MG8A1754MG8A1754 MG8A1757MG8A1757 MG8A1762-2MG8A1762-2 MG8A1772MG8A1772 MG8A1778MG8A1778 MG8A1786MG8A1786 MG8A1787MG8A1787 MG8A1813MG8A1813 MG8A1822MG8A1822 MG8A1829MG8A1829 MG8A1837MG8A1837 MG8A1838MG8A1838


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Carly & Derrick - Becoming One Family Carly & Derrick had a classic formal wedding at Sanctuary Estate in Cleveland, GA.

It was a beautiful September day and the air was full of romance! The décor was full of incredible flowers and a formal sit down setting. 

Carly was an exquisite bride and she simply glowed as I took pictures of her against the gorgeous landscape of this venue.  

Derrick was overcome with emotion as his bride approached him.  From the moment she stepped down the aisle these two only had eyes for each other.  

The only thing that made it sweeter was watching Derrick say vows to their sweet son Kason.  Watching these three become a family was a joy and a true honor

to photograph.






MG8A3011MG8A3011   MG8A3101MG8A3101 MG8A3143MG8A3143 MG8A3181MG8A3181 MG8A3192MG8A3192 MG8A3197MG8A3197


MG8A2986MG8A2986 MG8A3222MG8A3222 MG8A3254MG8A3254 MG8A3264MG8A3264 MG8A3271MG8A3271 MG8A3277MG8A3277 MG8A3285MG8A3285 MG8A3287MG8A3287 MG8A3296MG8A3296 MG8A3317MG8A3317 MG8A3334MG8A3334 MG8A3341MG8A3341 MG8A3344MG8A3344 MG8A3368MG8A3368 MG8A3375MG8A3375 MG8A3408-2MG8A3408-2 MG8A3448MG8A3448 MG8A3461MG8A3461 MG8A3465MG8A3465 MG8A3507MG8A3507 MG8A3542MG8A3542 MG8A3556MG8A3556 MG8A3645MG8A3645 MG8A3692-2MG8A3692-2 MG8A3696MG8A3696 MG8A3709MG8A3709 MG8A3792MG8A3792 MG8A3830-2MG8A3830-2 MG8A3837MG8A3837 MG8A3901MG8A3901 MG8A3925MG8A3925 MG8A3939MG8A3939 MG8A3973MG8A3973 MG8A3976MG8A3976 MG8A3981MG8A3981 MG8A4129MG8A4129 MG8A4218MG8A4218 MG8A4235MG8A4235 MG8A4237MG8A4237 MG8A4240MG8A4240 MG8A4248-2MG8A4248-2 MG8A4255MG8A4255 MG8A4263MG8A4263 MG8A4276-2MG8A4276-2 MG8A4285MG8A4285 MG8A4288MG8A4288 MG8A4292MG8A4292 MG8A4298MG8A4298 MG8A4359MG8A4359 MG8A4443MG8A4443 MG8A4458-2MG8A4458-2

MG8A4467MG8A4467 MG8A4600MG8A4600 MG8A4619-2MG8A4619-2 MG8A4638MG8A4638 MG8A4655-2MG8A4655-2 MG8A4702MG8A4702 MG8A4714MG8A4714 MG8A4725-2MG8A4725-2 MG8A4739MG8A4739 MG8A4755-2MG8A4755-2 MG8A4767MG8A4767 MG8A4792MG8A4792 MG8A4809MG8A4809 MG8A4813MG8A4813 MG8A4822MG8A4822 MG8A4829MG8A4829 MG8A4988MG8A4988 MG8A5002MG8A5002 MG8A5011MG8A5011 MG8A5023MG8A5023 MG8A5037MG8A5037 MG8A5095MG8A5095 MG8A5104MG8A5104 MG8A5112MG8A5112 MG8A5118-2MG8A5118-2 MG8A5148MG8A5148 MG8A5171MG8A5171 MG8A5185MG8A5185 MG8A5187MG8A5187 MG8A5195MG8A5195 MG8A5208MG8A5208 MG8A5211MG8A5211 MG8A5232MG8A5232 MG8A5249-Edit-2MG8A5249-Edit-2 MG8A5278MG8A5278 MG8A5286MG8A5286 MG8A5348MG8A5348 MG8A5340MG8A5340 MG8A5361MG8A5361 MG8A5406MG8A5406 MG8A5408MG8A5408 MG8A5410MG8A5410 MG8A5435-2MG8A5435-2 MG8A5450MG8A5450 MG8A5445MG8A5445 MG8A5583MG8A5583 MG8A5596MG8A5596 MG8A5634-2MG8A5634-2 MG8A5656MG8A5656 MG8A5679MG8A5679 MG8A5708MG8A5708 MG8A5698MG8A5698 MG8A5726-2MG8A5726-2 MG8A5731MG8A5731 MG8A5767MG8A5767 MG8A5785MG8A5785 MG8A5801MG8A5801 MG8A5812-2MG8A5812-2 MG8A5836MG8A5836 MG8A5847MG8A5847 MG8A5863MG8A5863 MG8A5871MG8A5871 MG8A5910MG8A5910 MG8A5925MG8A5925 MG8A5946MG8A5946 MG8A5949MG8A5949 MG8A5999MG8A5999 MG8A6008MG8A6008 MG8A6045MG8A6045 MG8A6173MG8A6173 MG8A6248MG8A6248 MG8A6243MG8A6243 MG8A6239MG8A6239 MG8A6262MG8A6262 MG8A6264MG8A6264 MG8A6271MG8A6271 MG8A6291MG8A6291 MG8A6305MG8A6305 MG8A6317MG8A6317 MG8A6333MG8A6333

Photography:  Amber Cather Photography

Venue:  Sanctuary Estate, Cleveland, GA


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Abigail & Will - Happily Ever Harbin Abigail & Will shared vows at Bear Claw Vineyards in Blue Ridge, GA.

The day certainly did not go as planned.  A huge monsoon of a storm swept in right before the ceremony and made things very interesting!  But even in the chaos of the unpredictable weather, Abigail and Will remained calm and happy and focused on each other.  If that's not a great way to start off a marriage, I don't know what is!  Plus, the storm gave us some incredible sunset shots!

Abigail looked like a princess in her breathtaking dress.  When she walked down the aisle Will looked at her the way every bride wants her groom to.  It was so romantic.  

The ceremony was outside & it was so moving.  The love, the prayers, the adorable flower girl & ring bearer.  He grandfather presided over the ceremony and that made it so touching & special.

The décor was elegant rustic with a lot of amazingly gorgeous flowers & greenery.  She used a beautiful plum color and it was intertwined everywhere.  It was perfect! 

My favorite part was when Abigail met with a blindfolded Will before the ceremony.  They prayed together and it was so sweet & heartfelt.

Taking pictures of these two was a joy.  They are so in love & full of happiness.  It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of their day!


MG8A7143MG8A7143 MG8A7196MG8A7196 MG8A7251MG8A7251 MG8A7331MG8A7331 MG8A7346MG8A7346

MG8A7348MG8A7348 MG8A7373MG8A7373 MG8A7374MG8A7374 MG8A7380MG8A7380 MG8A7395MG8A7395 MG8A7402MG8A7402 MG8A7403MG8A7403 MG8A7407MG8A7407 MG8A7433MG8A7433 MG8A7442MG8A7442 MG8A7474-2MG8A7474-2 MG8A7492MG8A7492 MG8A7506MG8A7506 MG8A7513MG8A7513 MG8A7520MG8A7520 MG8A7543MG8A7543 MG8A7545MG8A7545 MG8A7554MG8A7554 MG8A7557MG8A7557 MG8A7558MG8A7558 MG8A7563MG8A7563 MG8A7581-2MG8A7581-2 MG8A7604MG8A7604 MG8A7592MG8A7592 MG8A7643MG8A7643 MG8A7667MG8A7667 MG8A7680-2MG8A7680-2 MG8A7690MG8A7690 MG8A7703MG8A7703 MG8A7707-2MG8A7707-2 MG8A7711MG8A7711 MG8A7774MG8A7774 MG8A7761MG8A7761 MG8A7753MG8A7753 MG8A7747MG8A7747 MG8A7833MG8A7833

MG8A7875-2MG8A7875-2 MG8A7921MG8A7921 MG8A7931MG8A7931 MG8A7969MG8A7969 MG8A7996MG8A7996 MG8A8096MG8A8096    MG8A8103-2MG8A8103-2 MG8A8106-2MG8A8106-2 MG8A8123MG8A8123 MG8A8126MG8A8126 MG8A8128MG8A8128 MG8A8133MG8A8133 MG8A8135-2MG8A8135-2 MG8A8137-2MG8A8137-2 MG8A8139MG8A8139 MG8A8142MG8A8142 MG8A8144MG8A8144 MG8A8207MG8A8207 MG8A8212MG8A8212 MG8A8214-2MG8A8214-2 MG8A8219-2MG8A8219-2 MG8A8222MG8A8222 MG8A8224MG8A8224 MG8A8226MG8A8226 MG8A8230-2MG8A8230-2 MG8A8233MG8A8233 MG8A8235MG8A8235 MG8A8236MG8A8236 MG8A8239MG8A8239 MG8A8243MG8A8243 MG8A8244MG8A8244 MG8A8247MG8A8247    MG8A8252MG8A8252 MG8A8254MG8A8254 MG8A8261-2MG8A8261-2 MG8A8268MG8A8268 MG8A8265-2MG8A8265-2
MG8A8298MG8A8298 MG8A8326MG8A8326 MG8A8330MG8A8330 MG8A8333MG8A8333 MG8A8343MG8A8343 MG8A8335MG8A8335 MG8A8347-2MG8A8347-2 MG8A8348MG8A8348 MG8A8360MG8A8360 MG8A8373MG8A8373 MG8A8375MG8A8375 MG8A8402MG8A8402 MG8A8419MG8A8419 MG8A8429MG8A8429 MG8A8430MG8A8430 MG8A8433-2MG8A8433-2 MG8A8437-2MG8A8437-2 MG8A8439MG8A8439 MG8A8464MG8A8464 MG8A8475MG8A8475 MG8A8480MG8A8480 MG8A8484MG8A8484 MG8A8490MG8A8490 MG8A8493-2MG8A8493-2 MG8A8496MG8A8496 MG8A8627MG8A8627 MG8A8631MG8A8631 MG8A8638-2MG8A8638-2 MG8A8643-2MG8A8643-2 MG8A8644MG8A8644 MG8A8648MG8A8648 MG8A8652MG8A8652 MG8A8658MG8A8658 MG8A8675MG8A8675 MG8A8685MG8A8685 MG8A8687MG8A8687 MG8A8696-2MG8A8696-2 MG8A8699MG8A8699 MG8A8700MG8A8700 MG8A8706MG8A8706   MG8A8768MG8A8768 MG8A8771MG8A8771 MG8A8775MG8A8775 MG8A8779MG8A8779 MG8A8790-2MG8A8790-2 MG8A8796MG8A8796 MG8A8878MG8A8878 MG8A8889MG8A8889 MG8A8905MG8A8905



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Melissa & Matt - A Magical Romantic Wedding The June sun shone warmly on Matt & Melissa's wedding day at the Baughman Center in Gainesville, FL.

The lush green trees draped in moss created an incredibly romantic setting.

Melissa wore a lovely yellow wedding dress while the groom donned navy blue.  You couldn't have asked for a more Disney like atmosphere.

Everything was simply magical in the breathtaking chapel where they exchanged vows.  Love filled the room as they committed to each other, prayed with each other, and completed a family. 

The ceremony was so sweet & heartfelt.  

The reception was such a good time! That family could dance!!

They left under the light of sparklers to their happy ever after...


MG8A0505MG8A0505 MG8A0510MG8A0510

MG8A0550MG8A0550 MG8A0532MG8A0532 MG8A0538MG8A0538

MG8A0659MG8A0659 MG8A0676MG8A0676 MG8A0689MG8A0689 MG8A0691MG8A0691 MG8A1461MG8A1461 MG8A1464MG8A1464 MG8A1467MG8A1467 MG8A1469MG8A1469 MG8A1474MG8A1474 MG8A0556MG8A0556 MG8A0593MG8A0593 MG8A2658MG8A2658


MG8A1318MG8A1318 MG8A1323MG8A1323

MG8A0723MG8A0723 MG8A0726MG8A0726 MG8A0761MG8A0761      

MG8A0764MG8A0764   MG8A0778MG8A0778 MG8A0825MG8A0825 MG8A0827MG8A0827 MG8A0840MG8A0840 MG8A0841MG8A0841 MG8A0877MG8A0877


  MG8A0932MG8A0932 MG8A0963MG8A0963 MG8A1003MG8A1003 MG8A1010MG8A1010 MG8A1017MG8A1017 MG8A1018MG8A1018 MG8A1021MG8A1021 MG8A1022MG8A1022


  MG8A1399MG8A1399   MG8A1503MG8A1503


MG8A1547MG8A1547 MG8A1564MG8A1564 MG8A1571MG8A1571 MG8A1584MG8A1584 MG8A1603MG8A1603 MG8A1622MG8A1622 MG8A1755MG8A1755

MG8A1659MG8A1659 MG8A1683MG8A1683

MG8A1685MG8A1685 MG8A1710MG8A1710 MG8A1714MG8A1714 MG8A1766MG8A1766 MG8A1767MG8A1767 MG8A1768MG8A1768 MG8A1769MG8A1769 MG8A1773MG8A1773 MG8A1774MG8A1774 MG8A1778MG8A1778 MG8A1780MG8A1780 MG8A1815MG8A1815 MG8A1822MG8A1822 MG8A1849MG8A1849 MG8A1853MG8A1853 MG8A1869MG8A1869 MG8A1874MG8A1874 MG8A2082MG8A2082 MG8A1950MG8A1950 MG8A1999MG8A1999 MG8A2167MG8A2167 MG8A2181MG8A2181 MG8A2039MG8A2039 MG8A2278MG8A2278 MG8A2378MG8A2378 MG8A2381MG8A2381 MG8A2435MG8A2435 MG8A2485MG8A2485 MG8A2524MG8A2524 MG8A2592MG8A2592 MG8A2584MG8A2584

[email protected] (Amber Cather Photography) amber cather photography Baughman Center beauty bride bride and groom chapel elegant family Florida Florida wedding in love love magical magical photos photographer photography professional photographer romance romantic romantic wedding wedding wedding photographer wedding travel photography yellow wedding dress Fri, 04 Jan 2019 17:31:25 GMT
Tori & Christian's Fairytale Wedding Tori and Christian wed at Willow Creek Falls & Vineyard in beautiful Blue Ridge, GA.

This wedding was classic and romantic. Walking into the venue was like walking into a fairytale. 

The tables were formally set and covered in big gorgeous flowers and lush greenery accented with glowing candles.  We had stormy skies for a lot of the day so they moved the ceremony inside.  It quickly became one of the most beautiful ceremony sites I'd ever photographed.  The greenery and the candles and the attention to detail was phenomenal.  

The connection between Tori & Christian was profound.  You can especially see it in how they look at each other in their first look photos.  

The ceremony was so sweet and romantic! Tori walked down the aisle of rose petals and candles to meet her groom. The room was filled with love and happiness.

Let me tell you, this family really knew how to party! They danced and laughed & truly celebrated these two!

They exited under a sky of sparklers and stopped only to share kisses under the light of the fireworks.


MG8A2277MG8A2277 MG8A2341MG8A2341  

MG8A3188MG8A3188 MG8A3187MG8A3187 MG8A3201MG8A3201 MG8A3697MG8A3697 MG8A3238MG8A3238 MG8A3241MG8A3241 MG8A3242MG8A3242 MG8A3247MG8A3247

MG8A3279MG8A3279 MG8A3285MG8A3285 MG8A3266MG8A3266 MG8A3274MG8A3274 MG8A2194MG8A2194 MG8A2237MG8A2237 MG8A2408MG8A2408 MG8A2362MG8A2362 MG8A2376MG8A2376 MG8A2420MG8A2420 MG8A2424MG8A2424 MG8A2459MG8A2459 MG8A2520MG8A2520 MG8A2529MG8A2529 MG8A2531MG8A2531

MG8A3019MG8A3019 MG8A3010MG8A3010 MG8A3042MG8A3042

MG8A3055MG8A3055 MG8A3317MG8A3317 MG8A3325MG8A3325 MG8A3329-2MG8A3329-2 MG8A2941MG8A2941 MG8A2943-2MG8A2943-2 MG8A2589MG8A2589 MG8A2592MG8A2592 MG8A2593MG8A2593 MG8A2594MG8A2594 MG8A2595MG8A2595 MG8A2597-2MG8A2597-2 MG8A2669MG8A2669 MG8A2677MG8A2677 MG8A2752MG8A2752 MG8A2755MG8A2755 MG8A2725MG8A2725 MG8A2878MG8A2878 MG8A2907MG8A2907 MG8A3307MG8A3307 MG8A3409MG8A3409 MG8A3416-2MG8A3416-2 MG8A3431MG8A3431 MG8A3458MG8A3458 MG8A3462MG8A3462 MG8A3464MG8A3464 MG8A3479MG8A3479 MG8A3482MG8A3482 MG8A3488MG8A3488 MG8A3489MG8A3489 MG8A3491MG8A3491 MG8A3514MG8A3514 MG8A3516-2MG8A3516-2 MG8A3520MG8A3520 MG8A3524MG8A3524 MG8A3563MG8A3563 MG8A3565MG8A3565 MG8A3572MG8A3572 MG8A3594MG8A3594 MG8A3603MG8A3603 MG8A3604MG8A3604 MG8A3668MG8A3668

MG8A3195MG8A3195 MG8A3211MG8A3211 MG8A3222MG8A3222 MG8A3229MG8A3229

MG8A3728MG8A3728 MG8A3727MG8A3727 MG8A3793MG8A3793 MG8A3799MG8A3799

MG8A3859MG8A3859 MG8A3875MG8A3875

MG8A3900MG8A3900 MG8A3928MG8A3928 MG8A3988MG8A3988

MG8A3945MG8A3945 MG8A3982MG8A3982

MG8A3996MG8A3996 MG8A3998MG8A3998 MG8A4011MG8A4011

MG8A4019MG8A4019 MG8A4167MG8A4167 MG8A4130MG8A4130 MG8A4192MG8A4192 MG8A4209MG8A4209   MG8A4038MG8A4038 MG8A4095MG8A4095 MG8A4096MG8A4096 MG8A4269MG8A4269 MG8A4289MG8A4289 MG8A4372MG8A4372 MG8A4376MG8A4376 MG8A4455MG8A4455 MG8A4456MG8A4456 MG8A4459MG8A4459 MG8A4472MG8A4472 MG8A4483MG8A4483 MG8A4484MG8A4484 MG8A4630MG8A4630 MG8A4631MG8A4631 MG8A4636MG8A4636 MG8A4659MG8A4659 MG8A4660MG8A4660  


[email protected] (Amber Cather Photography) amber cather photography beauty blue ridge blue ridge photographer bride bride and groom elegant fairytale fairytale wedding forever love magical magical photos night photography night photos photographer photography professional photographer professional wedding photographer romance romantic romantic wedding wedding wedding photographer Wed, 02 Jan 2019 02:25:16 GMT
Ali & Todd - An Elegant June Wedding Ali & Todd's wedding was so much fun!

They chose Greystone Estate in Ball Ground, GA as their venue.

The formal décor was breathtaking with formal place settings, gorgeous greenery centerpieces, & romantic drapery.

Ali was not only accompanied by her pretty bridesmaids but also her sweet baby daughter as she prepared for the ceremony.  Their two handsome sons would join all the other gentlemen in the bridal party as well.  Everyone was all smiles & full of joy!  I think she may have been the smiliest bride I've ever photographed and her excitement and happiness was contagious!

Ali was just exquisite in her dress.  Seriously, I'm pretty sure Ali is Jennifer Garner's twin.  Just so naturally gorgeous.  One of my all time favorite photos is the photo of Ali breastfeeding her daughter in her wedding dress before the ceremony.  It was such a sweet and beautiful moment and I felt honored to have been there to capture it.

The ceremony was held outside on the beautiful grounds and it was a perfect June day!

Ali and Todd are such a happy couple which made them so much fun to photograph.  They completely complimented each other and are so in love!  

The reception was beautiful.  It was so festive, full of dancing & celebration.  You could just feel the love and joy from this family.

It was catered by Sweet Magnolia and all the food was amazing!!  Every detail came together from the gorgeous cake to the sweet speeches from the wedding party.

As twilight set in we took advantage of the romantic lights with a few more photos before they exited amidst sparklers.

What a beautiful family.....

MG8A4503MG8A4503 MG8A4609MG8A4609 MG8A4607MG8A4607 MG8A4613MG8A4613 MG8A4622MG8A4622 MG8A4628MG8A4628 MG8A4631MG8A4631 MG8A4639MG8A4639 MG8A4641MG8A4641 MG8A4647MG8A4647 MG8A4675MG8A4675 MG8A4677MG8A4677 MG8A4692MG8A4692


MG8A4835MG8A4835 MG8A4860MG8A4860     MG8A4828-2MG8A4828-2 MG8A4952MG8A4952


MG8A4918MG8A4918 MG8A4890MG8A4890 MG8A4992MG8A4992 MG8A5003-2MG8A5003-2 MG8A5043MG8A5043 MG8A5075MG8A5075 MG8A5083MG8A5083 MG8A5105MG8A5105 MG8A5123MG8A5123 MG8A5124-2MG8A5124-2 MG8A5138MG8A5138 MG8A5152MG8A5152 MG8A5165MG8A5165 MG8A5222MG8A5222 MG8A5224MG8A5224 MG8A5229MG8A5229 MG8A5331MG8A5331 MG8A5483MG8A5483 MG8A5492MG8A5492



MG8A5533MG8A5533 MG8A5545MG8A5545 MG8A5559MG8A5559 MG8A5554MG8A5554 MG8A5577MG8A5577 MG8A5595-2MG8A5595-2

MG8A5754MG8A5754 MG8A5780MG8A5780 MG8A5784MG8A5784

MG8A5838MG8A5838 MG8A5837MG8A5837 MG8A5894MG8A5894 MG8A5896MG8A5896 MG8A5911MG8A5911 MG8A5951MG8A5951 MG8A5953-2MG8A5953-2

MG8A5902MG8A5902 MG8A6008MG8A6008 MG8A6058MG8A6058   MG8A6079MG8A6079 MG8A6105-EditMG8A6105-Edit MG8A6173MG8A6173


  MG8A6327MG8A6327 MG8A6343MG8A6343 MG8A6371MG8A6371 MG8A6388MG8A6388 MG8A6457MG8A6457

MG8A6464-2MG8A6464-2 MG8A6469MG8A6469 MG8A6472MG8A6472 MG8A6482MG8A6482


MG8A6568MG8A6568 MG8A6583MG8A6583 MG8A6557MG8A6557

MG8A6617MG8A6617 MG8A6837MG8A6837 MG8A6843MG8A6843

[email protected] (Amber Cather Photography) amber cather photography beauty bride bride and groom classic classic wedding elegant fun greystone estate June wedding photographer photography professional photographer professional wedding photographer romance romantic summer summer wedding wedding wedding photographer Fri, 21 Dec 2018 22:15:15 GMT
Kim & Dustin - An Elegant Country Wedding Can I just say that Kim & Dustin are the most fun couple ever?

With their adorable son Tripp by their side, they were married in July at Willow Creek Falls & Vineyard in Blue Ridge, GA.

The décor was so cool with formal settings, antler & flower centerpieces, candles, and romantic lighting. It was a perfect expression of them!

Sporting cowboy boots & a camo vest Dustin let his country boy shine.  And while Kim's dress was beautifully elegant she made sure she wasn't outdone and donned cowgirl boots under her dress.  Can I also mention how amazingly cool and beautiful the feather accent on the bodice was?!  They were a perfect match!

The ceremony was so moving.  There was a part where the family held hands around them and covered Kim & Dustin in prayer.  The love & bond  between these two runs deep.  Everyone could see it.  Everyone could feel it.  It was so special to watch this family unify.

The reception was just a downright celebration.  Breakfast was the meal. That's right! Bacon, eggs, pancakes, biscuits & gravy. I mean, does it get any better than that?  

A sparkler exit was the perfect way to end this amazingly romantic day.

Congratulations to this beautiful little family!!!!!!!

MG8A8801MG8A8801 MG8A8816MG8A8816 MG8A8883MG8A8883 MG8A8940MG8A8940 MG8A8942MG8A8942 MG8A8951MG8A8951 MG8A8956MG8A8956 MG8A8977MG8A8977 MG8A8992MG8A8992 MG8A9016MG8A9016 MG8A9021MG8A9021 MG8A9032MG8A9032 MG8A9041MG8A9041 MG8A9042MG8A9042 MG8A9043MG8A9043 MG8A9047MG8A9047 MG8A9052MG8A9052 MG8A9064MG8A9064   MG8A9137MG8A9137 MG8A9170MG8A9170 MG8A9225MG8A9225 MG8A9245MG8A9245 MG8A9253-2MG8A9253-2 MG8A9555MG8A9555 MG8A9591MG8A9591 MG8A9594-2MG8A9594-2 MG8A9702MG8A9702 MG8A9705MG8A9705 MG8A9706MG8A9706 MG8A9574MG8A9574 MG8A9722MG8A9722 MG8A9726MG8A9726 MG8A9931MG8A9931 MG8A9947MG8A9947 MG8A9951-2MG8A9951-2 MG8A9953MG8A9953 MG8A9956MG8A9956 MG8A9985MG8A9985 MG8A9986MG8A9986 MG8A0018MG8A0018 MG8A0028MG8A0028 MG8A0029MG8A0029 MG8A0036MG8A0036 MG8A0126MG8A0126 MG8A0134MG8A0134 MG8A0129MG8A0129 MG8A0161MG8A0161 MG8A0164MG8A0164 MG8A0168MG8A0168 MG8A0246MG8A0246 MG8A0203MG8A0203 MG8A0206MG8A0206 MG8A0273MG8A0273 MG8A0283MG8A0283 MG8A0282MG8A0282 MG8A0355MG8A0355 MG8A0361MG8A0361 MG8A0380MG8A0380 MG8A0447MG8A0447 MG8A0482MG8A0482 MG8A0421MG8A0421 MG8A0430MG8A0430 MG8A0438MG8A0438 MG8A0511MG8A0511 MG8A0537MG8A0537 MG8A0540MG8A0540 MG8A0543MG8A0543 MG8A0544MG8A0544 MG8A0545MG8A0545 MG8A0547MG8A0547 MG8A0551MG8A0551 MG8A0553MG8A0553 MG8A0555MG8A0555 MG8A0612MG8A0612 MG8A0614MG8A0614 MG8A0617MG8A0617 MG8A0735MG8A0735 MG8A0738MG8A0738 MG8A0741-2MG8A0741-2 MG8A0698MG8A0698 MG8A0797MG8A0797 MG8A0814MG8A0814 MG8A0815MG8A0815 MG8A0825MG8A0825 MG8A0835MG8A0835 MG8A0863MG8A0863 MG8A1219MG8A1219 MG8A1241MG8A1241 MG8A1272MG8A1272 MG8A1323MG8A1323 MG8A1326MG8A1326 MG8A1327MG8A1327 MG8A1358MG8A1358 MG8A1367MG8A1367




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Emily & Garrett - A Timeless Classic It was an incredible blue sky over Willow Creek Falls & Vineyard on Emily & Garret’s wedding day.

That only added to the magic of the spring day.

Her dress was made for a princess and that is just how Emily looked! 

Surrounded by family, hand in hand, Emily & Garrett exchanged vows outside under a picturesque arbor.  

When I photographed them together, romance filled the air as you could just see how in love this sweet couple is!  They only had eyes for each other.

The reception was an elegant classic style in beautiful turquoise blues. Watching this family come together and join in the love that this bride & groom shared made my heart burst.

Emily & Garret's wedding was an incredible timeless classic!

MG8A6599MG8A6599 MG8A6790MG8A6790 MG8A6791MG8A6791 MG8A6800MG8A6800 MG8A6801MG8A6801 MG8A6802MG8A6802 MG8A6806MG8A6806 MG8A6566MG8A6566 MG8A6539MG8A6539 MG8A6590MG8A6590 MG8A6607MG8A6607 MG8A6718MG8A6718 MG8A6736MG8A6736 MG8A6764MG8A6764 MG8A6787MG8A6787 MG8A6757MG8A6757 MG8A6841MG8A6841 MG8A6845MG8A6845 MG8A6856MG8A6856

MG8A6894MG8A6894 MG8A6868-2MG8A6868-2 MG8A6778MG8A6778 MG8A6907MG8A6907 MG8A6927MG8A6927

MG8A6964MG8A6964 MG8A7207MG8A7207 MG8A6981MG8A6981 MG8A7072MG8A7072 MG8A7025MG8A7025 MG8A7034MG8A7034

MG8A7918MG8A7918 MG8A7841MG8A7841 MG8A7947-2MG8A7947-2 MG8A7940MG8A7940 MG8A7950MG8A7950 MG8A7314MG8A7314 MG8A7335MG8A7335





MG8A7561MG8A7561 MG8A7606MG8A7606




MG8A7854MG8A7854 MG8A7887MG8A7887

   MG8A8091MG8A8091 MG8A8102MG8A8102 MG8A7982MG8A7982 MG8A8267MG8A8267 MG8A8115MG8A8115 MG8A8069MG8A8069 MG8A8199MG8A8199 MG8A8226MG8A8226 MG8A8310MG8A8310 MG8A8311MG8A8311 MG8A7257MG8A7257 MG8A7258MG8A7258 MG8A8884MG8A8884 MG8A8889MG8A8889 MG8A8893MG8A8893

MG8A8408MG8A8408 MG8A8393MG8A8393


MG8A8431MG8A8431 MG8A8426MG8A8426 MG8A8457MG8A8457

MG8A8481MG8A8481 MG8A8489MG8A8489 MG8A8494MG8A8494 MG8A8508-2MG8A8508-2


MG8A8522MG8A8522 MG8A8524MG8A8524 MG8A8568MG8A8568 MG8A8578MG8A8578 MG8A8636MG8A8636 MG8A8662MG8A8662 MG8A8697MG8A8697 MG8A8707MG8A8707

MG8A8781MG8A8781 MG8A8750MG8A8750

MG8A8811MG8A8811 MG8A8827MG8A8827 MG8A8879MG8A8879

[email protected] (Amber Cather Photography) amber cather amber cather photography blue ridge blue ridge photographer blue sky bride bride and groom classic classic wedding elegant elegant wedding family in love love magical magical photos mountain wedding outdoor photography outdoor wedding photographer photography princess professional photographer professional wedding photographer romance romantic spring spring wedding wedding wedding photographer Tue, 18 Dec 2018 05:30:17 GMT
Emily & Ian - Love In The Vineyard The Club at Bear Paw Vineyards was the perfect venue for this perfect couple! 

The décor was done in luscious shades of purple accented with gorgeous flowers & romantic lights.  It was a fairytale of rustic elegance.

The warm May evening was full of joy that Emily & Ian exuded in every moment.  As soon as they saw each other in the first look I could immediately feel their deep connection & excitement for what was to come!

Emily was stunning in her dress.  I loved photographing them surrounded by the vineyard .  At one point in the evening, God sent them a rainbow. Talk about a sign! It was breathtaking!

The ceremony was a glowing exchange of love.  They just seemed so happy to be there.  Did I mention their sweet puppy stood up with them and was their flower girl?  It was adorable!

The reception was a true celebration complete with dancing, toasts, & smiles everywhere! 

They ended the night with sparklers & a purple Dodge Challenger.  It completely suited them & this incredible wedding!

MG8A0003MG8A0003 MG8A0052MG8A0052 MG8A0076MG8A0076 MG8A0135MG8A0135 MG8A0140MG8A0140 MG8A0178MG8A0178 MG8A0198MG8A0198 MG8A0207MG8A0207 MG8A0233MG8A0233 MG8A0260MG8A0260 MG8A0262MG8A0262




MG8A0277MG8A0277 MG8A0365MG8A0365 MG8A0371MG8A0371 MG8A0373-2MG8A0373-2 MG8A0402MG8A0402




MG8A0495MG8A0495 MG8A0552MG8A0552 MG8A0585MG8A0585

MG8A0692MG8A0692 MG8A0608MG8A0608 MG8A0754MG8A0754 MG8A0752MG8A0752 MG8A0801MG8A0801 MG8A0815MG8A0815 MG8A0850MG8A0850 MG8A0859-2MG8A0859-2 MG8A0933MG8A0933 MG8A0939-2MG8A0939-2 MG8A1035MG8A1035 MG8A0846MG8A0846 MG8A1060MG8A1060 MG8A1216MG8A1216 MG8A1094MG8A1094 MG8A1333MG8A1333 MG8A1344MG8A1344 MG8A1355MG8A1355 MG8A1388MG8A1388 MG8A1431MG8A1431 MG8A1433-2MG8A1433-2 MG8A1438MG8A1438 MG8A1463MG8A1463 MG8A1544MG8A1544 MG8A1737MG8A1737 MG8A1604MG8A1604 MG8A1908MG8A1908 MG8A1989MG8A1989 MG8A2007MG8A2007 MG8A2045MG8A2045 MG8A2071MG8A2071

[email protected] (Amber Cather Photography) amber cather photography bear claw vineyards beauty blue ridge blue ridge photographer blue ridge wedding bride bride and groom dog wedding elegant happy joy mountain wedding mountains photographer photography professional photographer professional wedding photographer puppy purple purple wedding rainbow romance romantic spring wedding the club at bear paw vineyards vineyard wedding wedding wedding photographer Fri, 09 Nov 2018 01:54:34 GMT
Becca & Matt - A Breathtaking Beach Wedding Everyone dreams of a destination wedding.  Becca & Matt's did not disappoint!  They were married at Henderson Beach State Park in Destin, FL.

The late afternoon air was full of romance & salt as Becca & Matt exchanged vows in front of a perfect backdrop of sand & surf.

The reception was so much fun! A relaxed night of love, laughter, & dancing under the stars. 

They ended the night with a send off surrounded in bubbles.

The perfect ending to the perfect day!


MG8A6747MG8A6747 MG8A6763MG8A6763 MG8A6864MG8A6864 MG8A6918MG8A6918 MG8A6989-2MG8A6989-2 MG8A6996MG8A6996 MG8A7019MG8A7019 MG8A7081MG8A7081 MG8A7102-2MG8A7102-2 MG8A7128MG8A7128 MG8A7144MG8A7144 MG8A7202MG8A7202 MG8A7248MG8A7248 MG8A7286-2MG8A7286-2 MG8A7434MG8A7434 MG8A7489MG8A7489 MG8A7497MG8A7497   MG8A7530MG8A7530 MG8A7625MG8A7625 MG8A7637-2MG8A7637-2 MG8A7703-2MG8A7703-2 MG8A7799MG8A7799 MG8A7710MG8A7710 MG8A7806MG8A7806 MG8A7817-2MG8A7817-2 MG8A7829MG8A7829

MG8A7860MG8A7860 MG8A8056MG8A8056 MG8A8059MG8A8059 MG8A8097MG8A8097 MG8A8090MG8A8090 MG8A8095MG8A8095 MG8A8126MG8A8126 MG8A8145MG8A8145 MG8A8244MG8A8244 MG8A8261MG8A8261 MG8A8328MG8A8328  



MG8A8801MG8A8801 MG8A8521MG8A8521 MG8A8919MG8A8919 MG8A9164MG8A9164 MG8A9024MG8A9024 MG8A9117MG8A9117 MG8A9189-2MG8A9189-2 MG8A9191MG8A9191

[email protected] (Amber Cather Photography) amber cather photography beach photography beach wedding bride bubbles destination wedding dream wedding family FL wedding forever groom kiss love night reception ocean ocean love photographer photography professional photographer relaxing romance sand sunny wedding surf travel travel wedding wedding wedding photographer Tue, 06 Nov 2018 22:57:26 GMT
Annamarie & Bobby's Southern Spring Wedding  Annamarie & Bobby's wedding was the definition of a beautiful southern spring wedding.  

The venue was a gorgeous southern rustic style at Washington Grass Inn in Greensboro, GA.  From the elegant cotton centerpieces to the vintage style dinnerware, every detail was perfect!

Annamarie was all smiles as she prepared for her special day.  Surrounded by her bridesmaids & her sweet dog you could feel the excitement radiating from her.  That totally shined through in her pictures!  Her dress looked like it was made especially for her & she looked exquisite.  Based on Dad's expression in the first look photos, he thought so too!

Bobby was so handsome waiting for his bride & as soon as she joined him down the aisle everyone could feel just how much love there is between them. It was so romantic! There was laughter & tears and definitely a lot of love!

The reception was a great party with fantastic music, amazing food, & an incredibly fun vibe!

Y 'all this wedding was a southern fairytale!     MG8A2465MG8A2465 MG8A2493MG8A2493 MG8A2497MG8A2497 MG8A2529MG8A2529 MG8A2617MG8A2617 MG8A2708MG8A2708 MG8A2740MG8A2740 MG8A2750MG8A2750 MG8A2811MG8A2811 MG8A2823MG8A2823 MG8A2826MG8A2826 MG8A2829MG8A2829 MG8A2875MG8A2875 MG8A2881MG8A2881 MG8A2883MG8A2883 MG8A2974MG8A2974 MG8A3001MG8A3001 MG8A3043MG8A3043 MG8A3006MG8A3006 MG8A3066-2MG8A3066-2 MG8A3078MG8A3078 MG8A2895MG8A2895 MG8A3107-2MG8A3107-2 MG8A3208MG8A3208 MG8A3236MG8A3236 MG8A3237MG8A3237 MG8A3240MG8A3240 MG8A3241MG8A3241 MG8A3267MG8A3267 MG8A3526MG8A3526 MG8A3484-2MG8A3484-2 MG8A3362MG8A3362 MG8A3562MG8A3562 MG8A3571MG8A3571 MG8A3606-2MG8A3606-2 MG8A3615MG8A3615 MG8A3635MG8A3635 MG8A3639MG8A3639 MG8A3661MG8A3661 MG8A3665MG8A3665 MG8A3796MG8A3796 MG8A3800MG8A3800 MG8A3761MG8A3761 MG8A3809MG8A3809 MG8A3824MG8A3824 MG8A3827-2MG8A3827-2 MG8A3845MG8A3845 MG8A3848MG8A3848 MG8A3851MG8A3851 MG8A4039MG8A4039 MG8A4041MG8A4041 MG8A4046MG8A4046 MG8A3944MG8A3944 MG8A4209MG8A4209 MG8A4212MG8A4212 MG8A4290MG8A4290 MG8A4069MG8A4069 MG8A4355MG8A4355 MG8A4360MG8A4360 MG8A4273MG8A4273 MG8A4369MG8A4369 MG8A4335MG8A4335 MG8A4088MG8A4088 MG8A4379MG8A4379 MG8A4381MG8A4381 MG8A4386MG8A4386 MG8A4493MG8A4493 MG8A4495MG8A4495 MG8A4432MG8A4432 MG8A5002MG8A5002 MG8A4905MG8A4905 MG8A4525MG8A4525 MG8A4526MG8A4526 MG8A4528MG8A4528 MG8A4530MG8A4530 MG8A4543MG8A4543 MG8A5073MG8A5073 MG8A5082MG8A5082 MG8A5094MG8A5094 MG8A4589MG8A4589 MG8A4664MG8A4664 MG8A5107MG8A5107 MG8A4885MG8A4885 MG8A5144MG8A5144 MG8A4513MG8A4513 MG8A4963MG8A4963 MG8A4638MG8A4638 MG8A5177MG8A5177 MG8A4953MG8A4953 MG8A5385MG8A5385 MG8A5271MG8A5271




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Intro to Pro Workshop Intro to Pro Workshop


I've been asked over the years if I would ever teach any classes.  I never knew exactly what I would teach or how I would teach.  After a lot of thought, I've decided that I would like to give this teaching thing a try.  I think I'll really enjoy it!  So my first workshop is going to cover the basics.  Are you a novice photographer who wants to learn more about your camera, how to shoot and edit?  Then this workshop will be Perfect for you!  Here are the details:


Intro to Pro Workshop

When:  March 10 and March 11, 2018

Where:  Location TBA in Blue Ridge, GA

What we will cover:   This workshop is designed for the newer photographer who is still learning and wanting to expand their knowledge so they can take better photos and maybe even start a business of their own.  Day one we will cover how to shoot in manual, how to start editing in Lightroom, what branding is and how to brand yourself, and any and all questions you have about camera, shooting, editing and marketing basics.  You will have homework on day one too so come ready to shoot and learn!  Day two will be a group shooting day. We will have a photo shoot set up so you can watch how I photograph a subject and learn how to pose someone yourself, how to work with different lighting and some troubleshooting as what happens if you have a difficult client or not so great weather or light? All the basics and all your questions answered!

How much:  $350, a nonrefundable deposit of $150 is due to book your spot.  The remaining amount is due on or by the first day of the workshop 3/10/18.

What to bring:  You'll be required to bring your dslr camera, laptop and have Lightroom.


To book your spot now, just go to the Store page on my website and add the Intro to Pro Deposit to your cart!  Once you've paid your deposit, you'll be added to my private facebook group and receive more info about the workshop!  I can't wait to see you guys there!!


Love, Amber

[email protected] (Amber Cather Photography) amber cather photography atlanta photographer blue ridge blue ridge photographer photographer photography wedding wedding photographer workshop Fri, 02 Feb 2018 20:29:35 GMT
Sandi and Matt's Amazingly Beautiful and Simply Sweet Wedding Sandi and Matt's Amazingly Beautiful and Simply Sweet Wedding


Sandi and Matt were married at Tennessee Riverplace in Chattanooga, TN.  I was in love as soon as I arrived.  The architecture alone is swoon worthy.  I knew the day was going to be light hearted and fun because Sandi and Matt were such a fun couple to photograph during their engagement session...and it truly was!

Sandi and I hit it off right away especially when we both found out each other's love for the show Friends (I mean who doesn't quote Friends lines at least 5 times a day, right?).  I was so super excited to see that her cake topper was Friends inspired and read "You're My Lobster."  Then, as an added bonus and surprise, her brother (who performed the ceremony) started the ceremony by saying, "We are gathered here today on this joyous occasion to celebrate the special love that Sandi and Matt share.  It is a love based on giving and well as having and sharing.  And the love that they give and have is shared and received.  And through this having and giving...and sharing and receiving...we too can share and love and have and receive."  It may have been the greatest ceremony of all time.

Sandi's dress was spectacular and she paired it with...bare feet.  (How could you not love her, right??)  She's also one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen and is even prettier because she doesn't act like she knows how pretty she is.  Her down-to-earth vibe was echoed throughout the whole wedding and it was completely precious.

The bridesmaids were elegant and classic in long, fitted black gowns.  The color scheme was black, white and blush.

Matt and his groomsmen were chic and handsome and decked out to the nines in their black tuxes and black bow ties, including his grooms-woman who totally rocked her tux.  Matt was escorted down the aisle by his and Sandi's two sons, who were also very dapper in their tuxes.  (Their sons were best friends in school and that's how Sandi and Matt met...could their story get any cuter??)

Their first dance was after sunset and was lit by sparklers being held by their guests surrounding them.  It was breathtaking.

Sandi and Matt's wedding was truly everything you would want it to be...beautiful, fun, elegant yet relaxed, filled with laughs and with a lot, a lot of love.  Enjoy!



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