Sandi and Matt's Amazingly Beautiful and Simply Sweet Wedding

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Sandi and Matt's Amazingly Beautiful and Simply Sweet Wedding


Sandi and Matt were married at Tennessee Riverplace in Chattanooga, TN.  I was in love as soon as I arrived.  The architecture alone is swoon worthy.  I knew the day was going to be light hearted and fun because Sandi and Matt were such a fun couple to photograph during their engagement session...and it truly was!

Sandi and I hit it off right away especially when we both found out each other's love for the show Friends (I mean who doesn't quote Friends lines at least 5 times a day, right?).  I was so super excited to see that her cake topper was Friends inspired and read "You're My Lobster."  Then, as an added bonus and surprise, her brother (who performed the ceremony) started the ceremony by saying, "We are gathered here today on this joyous occasion to celebrate the special love that Sandi and Matt share.  It is a love based on giving and well as having and sharing.  And the love that they give and have is shared and received.  And through this having and giving...and sharing and receiving...we too can share and love and have and receive."  It may have been the greatest ceremony of all time.

Sandi's dress was spectacular and she paired it with...bare feet.  (How could you not love her, right??)  She's also one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen and is even prettier because she doesn't act like she knows how pretty she is.  Her down-to-earth vibe was echoed throughout the whole wedding and it was completely precious.

The bridesmaids were elegant and classic in long, fitted black gowns.  The color scheme was black, white and blush.

Matt and his groomsmen were chic and handsome and decked out to the nines in their black tuxes and black bow ties, including his grooms-woman who totally rocked her tux.  Matt was escorted down the aisle by his and Sandi's two sons, who were also very dapper in their tuxes.  (Their sons were best friends in school and that's how Sandi and Matt met...could their story get any cuter??)

Their first dance was after sunset and was lit by sparklers being held by their guests surrounding them.  It was breathtaking.

Sandi and Matt's wedding was truly everything you would want it to be...beautiful, fun, elegant yet relaxed, filled with laughs and with a lot, a lot of love.  Enjoy!



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Venue:  Tennessee Riverplace,  Chattanooga, TN

Flowers and Cupcakes:  Sam's

Wedding Gown:  David's Bridal

Groom's Tux:  JoS. A. Bank

Groomsmen:  Men's Wearhouse

Food:  Mojo Burrito

DJ:  Lyrically Speaking/Sting Weber

Videographer:  Clark Productions/Michael Clark

Wedding Coordinator:  Bethany Downey

Photography:  Amber Cather Photography/Amber Cather Herendon




Stacy Licklider(non-registered)
SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Everything was stunning.
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