Rachel and Lucas - Wedding Day Bliss

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Rachel and Lucas - Wedding Day Bliss


I arrived at Aska Farms in Blue Ridge and found the bride getting ready surrounded by her bridesmaids.  Rachel was her lovely and carefree self.  Laughter filled the bridal suite as I made my way out with all the pretty details to shoot.


IMG_2078IMG_2078 IMG_2101IMG_2101 IMG_2136IMG_2136 IMG_2192IMG_2192 IMG_2198IMG_2198 IMG_2199IMG_2199 IMG_2215IMG_2215

IMG_3010IMG_3010 IMG_3028IMG_3028 IMG_3030IMG_3030

I was so obsessed with her bouquet!!  The bright colors mixed with succulents were just to die for!  The cheerful colors she chose complimented the day perfectly.

I IMG_2253IMG_2253 IMG_2244IMG_2244 IMG_2256IMG_2256 IMG_2261IMG_2261

Lucas and Rachel exchanged letters and gifts for each other.  Lucas handmade a wooden hair straightener and dryer holder for Rachel that was just gorgeous...not to mention thoughtful.

IMG_2279IMG_2279 IMG_2281IMG_2281 IMG_2666IMG_2666 IMG_2684IMG_2684

Rachel got dressed with the help of her bridesmaids and she just glowed.  Her gown was classic and elegant.  I especially loved her long veil.  Bridal portraits and photos with the bridesmaids and flower girl were a piece of cake. Everyone was so joyful and lovely.  And again...those colors...wow.

IMG_2314-2IMG_2314-2 IMG_2320IMG_2320 IMG_2350IMG_2350

IMG_4523IMG_4523 IMG_2368IMG_2368 IMG_2428IMG_2428 IMG_2387IMG_2387 IMG_2461IMG_2461 IMG_2473IMG_2473 IMG_2476IMG_2476 IMG_2500IMG_2500 IMG_2510IMG_2510 IMG_2507IMG_2507 IMG_2608IMG_2608

The men were comfortable yet classy in their button ups, vests, jeans and boots.  They also had just a little bit of fun during their formals.

IMG_2847IMG_2847 IMG_2861IMG_2861

IMG_2716IMG_2716 IMG_2732IMG_2732 IMG_2758IMG_2758 IMG_2765IMG_2765

Four generations were present.


Rachel and Lucas wanted to keep their day traditional and not see each other before the wedding, however, they still wanted to pray together beforehand.  So we arranged that.  <3


Rachel did have a first look with her father, and it was completely precious.

IMG_2889IMG_2889 IMG_2895IMG_2895 IMG_2901IMG_2901

It was time for the ceremony.  Aska Farms has an amazing view of the Blue Ridge mountains and the ceremony site is placed perfectly to enjoy it. 

IMG_3019IMG_3019 IMG_3048IMG_3048 IMG_3117IMG_3117 IMG_3155IMG_3155 IMG_3196IMG_3196 IMG_3205IMG_3205 IMG_3230IMG_3230 IMG_3238IMG_3238 IMG_3247IMG_3247 IMG_3249IMG_3249 IMG_3319IMG_3319 IMG_3352IMG_3352 IMG_3371IMG_3371 IMG_3382IMG_3382 IMG_3399IMG_3399 The flower girl made friends with a lady bug. IMG_3449IMG_3449 The ring bearer wasn't nearly as enthused about a photo together with the flower girl as she was.  IMG_3479IMG_3479 IMG_3464IMG_3464 IMG_3655IMG_3655


We took a few quiet minutes before the reception for just the newly weds.  The stormy skies added to the mountain backdrop.  We took advantage of the dreamy sunlight coming through the clouds for a few more bridal portraits as well.

IMG_3745IMG_3745 IMG_3729IMG_3729 IMG_3789IMG_3789 IMG_3737IMG_3737

IMG_3824IMG_3824 IMG_3874IMG_3874 IMG_3890IMG_3890

IMG_3944IMG_3944 IMG_3959IMG_3959

The reception was fun and sweet.  The food was my personal favorite, pasta, and their cake and tower of cupcakes were delicious.

IMG_3059IMG_3059 IMG_3070IMG_3070 IMG_3076IMG_3076 IMG_3083IMG_3083 IMG_3096IMG_3096 IMG_3101IMG_3101 IMG_3103IMG_3103

IMG_4165IMG_4165 IMG_4204IMG_4204 IMG_4175IMG_4175 IMG_4235IMG_4235 IMG_4238IMG_4238 IMG_4269IMG_4269 IMG_4304IMG_4304 IMG_4313IMG_4313

IMG_4443IMG_4443 IMG_4459IMG_4459 IMG_4486IMG_4486



Sunset portraits are always my favorite.  They are romantic and really give the couple another bit of time to breathe with each other after the rush of the day.

IMG_4327IMG_4327 IMG_4365IMG_4365 IMG_4347IMG_4347 IMG_4368IMG_4368

The newlyweds were sent off by their guests with sparklers and cheers. 

IMG_4417IMG_4417 IMG_4422IMG_4422 IMG_4562IMG_4562

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kilpatrick!  I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.  <3


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